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Was your vehicle towed in Kansas City, MO?
Law enforcement agencies and local towing companies automatically update AutoReturn’s system when a vehicle is towed in your community. Once a vehicle is in AutoReturn’s system, we can help you get it back.
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In 2012, AutoReturn was awarded a contract that with all renewal periods results in a five (5) year contract with the City of Kansas City, Missouri to manage a network of towing providers and to facilitate the automated dispatching of tow requests using AutoReturn’s automated dispatch system and to enable improved tracking of stored vehicles on the impound lot managed by Kansas City. Prior to AutoReturn’s management of the towing process, Kansas City dispatched tow requests via landline phones to a single tow provider, resulting in excessive tow response times and in many cases, unauthorized tow operators performing tows. Kansas City was unable to accurately document tow volume or response times and for those vehicles towed by unauthorized tow vendors, there were various media stories of over-charging, resulting in public embarrassment at times related to the towing program. With the implementation of AutoReturn’s systems, Kansas City has improved response times, the ability to provide consistent oversight and control, allowing for citizens to be protected from over-charging from unauthorized tow vendors.

If your question is not answered here or on our site, please call the Kansas City impound facility during normal business hours:

Monday-Friday between 9AM-6PM

Saturday 9AM-3PM

Phone: 816-513-1313 or 816-513-0688

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